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my name is boogie.

Who are you?

i am a son, friend, photographer, home cook/baker, student, blogger.

What is your dream job?

i would love to be a professional food stylist & a food photographer & travel the world for delicious food. hey! …it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? :O)

When did you get into cooking?

ironically, i hated food when i was little! my mom would always tease me that they used to chase me around the house with a spoon, trying to feed me! both of my parents cook, & i remember they worked a lot of long hours so sometimes i tried to help around the house by making dinner. i was & still obsessed with cooking shows. they’re so inspiring & it is the best visual learning experience. a lot of my best nights consist of sitting in front of the TV watching my DVRd cooking shows!

Why a blog?

my grandma was an amazing cook & unfortunately her recipes were rarely written down. it’s funny, but i’ve found my own self googling recipes from this blog. it’s nice to have a digital copy of your recipe & it’s accessible from any phone or computer. it’s also nice to meet people who are completely obsessed with food as much as i am. i cook/bake & take so many pictures of food that not blogging them would be absurd!

Why food photography?

i always tell people that i prefer to take pictures of food than people because food doesn’t ask you to Photoshop them into a size 1! i think food is a beautiful work of art. it makes you appreciate measuring, precision, taste balance, color balance & it makes you mindful of the smallest & simplest things that we overlook on a daily basis. i firmly believe that anything that makes life more beautiful is always a good thing.

Top three kitchen items you can’t live without?

1. my hand mixer

2. silicone spatula

3. mixing bowls in an array of sizes

What would you choose as your last supper?

my parents make this roasted chicken that is flavor injected with lemon & patis (thai fish sauce). i know it doesn’t sound like an appetizing marinade, but the finished taste is the most delicious roasted chicken you’ll ever have. i also spoon the drippings over white rice & i would say that is definitely my all-time favorite meal

meet the unofficial taste testers of! lady & aspen are always hungry & they LOVE to pose for pictures! a match made in heaven! you’ll see them pop up in some of the blog posts. if you can’t tell from their snug costumes, they’re very well fed dogs!


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